Red deep outfit

Red inheritance:the predecessor of shenzhuang group is Shenzhen general contracting company for architectural decoration, which was established in September 1986. It is one of the enterprises established by the infrastructure engineering corps of the Chinese people's Liberation Army. Over the past 30 years, the deep outfit people have inherited the gene of military culture, vigorously carried forward the fighting spirit of "inserting the red flag on the top of the mountain", took innovation as an important magic weapon for the continuous development and growth of the enterprise, formed unique brand advantages in the development process, led the trend of the industry, and received praise from all walks of life.

Ten characteristics of military culture gene:

Have a pure heart of loving the party and patriotism

Have lofty ideals and beliefs


Have a strong sense of responsibility and mission

Have the honor of advocating honor as life

Have the lofty ambition of fearing all difficulties

Have indomitable revolutionary drive

Have a sense of teamwork


Have the ability to obey orders


Have the organizational discipline of enforcing orders and prohibitions

Have a heroic and tenacious fighting style


Cultural characteristics

The logo of Shenzhen Decoration Group is a combination of graphic trademark and text trademark. The graphic trademark is on the left and the text trademark is on the right. The text trademark includes Chinese and English abbreviations.

Definition of graphic trademark:

The graphic trademark of shenzhuang group is composed of four boxes with perspective effect. The overall shape is square and solid, symbolizing the thick, solemn and tolerant enterprise style. The orange color of the graphic trademark represents warmth and enthusiasm, and symbolizes the vitality of vigorous and sustainable development of the enterprise and the service principle of enthusiasm first.

Interpretation of text trademar:

Shenzhen Decoration Group, as its name implies, Shenzhen Decoration Group. The name "shenzhuang" has rich connotation. Deep, still water flows deep, "only deep also, so it can reach the will of the world", which comes out of the book of changes. Loading, carrying, and carrying things with great virtue. Tolerance is great. It says that "the terrain is Kun, and a gentleman carries things with great virtue".

Goal vision

We are committed to becoming a "happy space builder", strive to build a first-class and international modern architectural decoration enterprise in the industry, and achieve the grand goal of "century old brand and century old deep decoration".

In the race with the times and in the journey of leading the development of the industry, shenzhuang group firmly takes building a "century old brand and century old shenzhuang" as the goal vision. This noble pursuit and great mission fully reflects the national feelings and the responsibility of the times of shenzhuang people. Every shenzhuang people should take this as the goal, work together and make unremitting efforts.

In order to broaden the development path of the enterprise, Shenzhen Decoration Group will keep up with the ideological pace of the new era, take revitalizing national industry, leading industry development and promoting social progress as its own responsibility, take information construction as the support, talent construction as the guide, scientific and technological innovation as the driving force and green development as the concept, learn from advanced enterprise management experience at home and abroad, and take an international perspective Innovative thinking, focus on giving full play to the brand advantages, adapt to the market development trend, follow the market development law, constantly integrate effective resources, and achieve a century old brand and century old enterprise through unremitting efforts.

In the future, Shenzhen Decoration Group will strive for high-quality development, achieve output value, efficiency and business indicators, reach or exceed the level of similar advanced enterprises, and finally develop into a benchmark in the same industry.

Development mission

Strive to become an "excellent enterprise respected by all walks of life and continuously creating value for customers, employees, shareholders and society".

The overall value chain of Shenzhen Decoration Group includes four stakeholders: customers, employees, shareholders and society. They are the decisive factor for whether Shenzhen Decoration Group can make long-term profits and improve its development ability. Creating value for them is the eternal mission of Shenzhen Decoration Group.

In the past, now and in the future, Shenzhen Decoration Group will: provide customers with the best service, constantly meet or even exceed customers' expectations, and achieve win-win cooperation; Provide employees with a fair employment environment and diversified development space, improve their own value and enhance their happiness; Continuously improve the sustainable development ability and asset return level of the enterprise to create the maximum value for shareholders; Lead the development of green industry, actively contribute to the harmonious development of man and nature, actively participate in social public welfare undertakings, give back to the society and serve the country.

The great mission leads the great cause. People are full of confidence in the future. They firmly believe that with the firm will to move forward dream by dream, the enterprising spirit and the practical action of pursuing excellence, they will be able to create a better tomorrow that will live up to the times!

Development concept

The development concept of "green deep decoration, science and technology deep decoration and humanistic deep decoration" is established by Shenzhen Decoration Group according to the development trend of the country and industry.

Green development is the future development trend of the decoration industry, adhere to the focus of enterprise construction and development on the "green" tone, increase the advocacy and practice of green concepts such as energy conservation, low carbon and environmental protection, take the responsibility of the enterprise, focus on building a green industry and pursue the harmonious development of man and nature.

Scientific and technological innovation is the strategic support for the development of enterprises. Adhere to the development base point on scientific and technological innovation, speed up the construction of information system, rely on innovation drive to lead the development of enterprises, and realize "let science and technology praise life and let buildings decorate life".

Pay attention to humanistic feelings, embody humanistic feelings in architectural decoration works, build today's architectural decoration into tomorrow's cultural heritage, build high-quality architectural decoration products with humanistic spirit, and truly meet people's yearning for a better life.

Spiritual core

Once the goal is set, try every means, do not fear all difficulties, advance bravely in the direction of victory, and insert the red flag on the top of the mountain is the spiritual core immersed in people's bones.

There is indomitable effort. Firmly establish the enterprising consciousness of "one step ahead and one chip ahead", always keep working hard, have the courage to overcome difficulties, seize strategic opportunities and take the initiative to meet challenges in the face of complex market tests.

Have the drive to strive for first-class. Ideologically, strengthen the awareness of "doing high-quality projects and creating a first-class enterprise", cultivate the spirit of "doing first-class work and striving for first place", widely carry out the four comparison activities of "comparing quality, efficiency, management and style", create a strong atmosphere of "leapfrog development, striving for first-class, learning to catch up and surpass, and striving to live up to the new achievements of the times".

Have pioneering and innovative spirit. Be brave in innovation and innovation, actively learn new ideas, new knowledge and new things, focus on adapting to the needs of the development of the situation, and constantly carry out reform in many fields such as talent mechanism, management mode, information construction and cost control, so as to promote the sustainable and rapid development of the enterprise through innovation.

A drop of water wears a stone. We should have constant perseverance in doing things, so that we can step on the stone, leave a mark on the iron, and catch it to the end. Enhance the spiritual realm of "success does not have to be me", strengthen the responsibility of "success must be me", maintain the strategic determination of the steady development of the enterprise, adhere to a blueprint to the end, roll up your sleeves, work hard, work hard for a long time, and turn our goals and tasks into a better reality step by step.

Core values

The core values of shenzhuang group are deeply influenced by Chinese traditional culture and military culture, in line with the reality of enterprise construction and development, concise and rich in connotation, and have become the fundamental creed for shenzhuang people to guide their behavior.


Integrity is the foundation of an enterprise. Sincerity means sincerity and honesty; Faith means keeping promises and keeping promises. The basic meaning of good faith is to abide by promises, fulfill agreements and have no deception. Honesty is not only a kind of conduct, but also a kind of responsibility; It is not only a morality, but also a criterion; It is not only a word of mouth, but also a resource. Personally, honesty is a noble personality charm; As far as enterprises are concerned, integrity is a valuable intangible asset. Shenzhuang group always takes integrity as the first value concept of enterprise development and construction, and leads the enterprise to continuously expand the brand effect with the consistent style of being honest and doing things with high quality and the pursuit of creating first-class value. Honesty and trustworthiness focus on practice and accumulation. At any time, deep decoration people should not do evil and small, not good and small, and earnestly promote the sustainable and healthy development of the enterprise based on integrity.


Responsibility is a kind of spirit, character and ability. Have a strong sense of dedication and responsibility, consciously strengthen the awareness of "I rely on the enterprise to survive and the enterprise depends on me to develop", set the work standard to the highest, adjust the mental state to the best, do their own work wholeheartedly, and fulfill their responsibilities to the letter. Enhance work execution. Whatever the team decides to do, no matter how difficult and multiple tasks, it will implement them unambiguously and complete the tasks with quality and quantity. Strengthen social responsibility, respond to the call of the state, actively participate in social public welfare undertakings, actively participate in poverty alleviation and student assistance, and fulfill our responsibilities and obligations for the overall stability of the country and the harmonious development of society.

To bear

To bear is to dare to shoulder the burden at the critical moment, and do not avoid, prevaricate or shrink back in the face of difficulties. As the leader, organizer and promoter of the enterprise, the management team should focus on building an international modern enterprise, improve strategic thinking, carry forward the spirit of innovation, be bold in pioneering and enterprising, dare to face problems, strive to be a pioneer in the transformation and development of the enterprise, plan first and rush ahead; The majority of employees should actively adapt to the new situation, new standards and new requirements, strengthen the sense of responsibility of "being unable to sit still", improve the ability and quality of "daring to bear the burden", carry forward the fighting style of "working hard", abandon the lazy thought of "waiting to rely on others", pay attention to the mission, carry the responsibility over their shoulders, and truly take the fearless spirit of forging ahead and overcoming all difficulties, Complete various objectives and tasks with high standards and high quality.

Development strategy

Focusing on the future market and enterprise development, the group has formulated the strategy of "talent leading, innovation driven and inclusive development" to accelerate the innovative operation and development of enterprises in the implementation and promotion.

Talent leading

People oriented, leading the development of the company. Adhere to the people-oriented talent capital management mechanism, and strive to establish a standardized talent resource management system, a fair and scientific performance evaluation system, a scientific, reasonable and market competitive salary system, a professional talent training mechanism, etc., so as to improve the level of human resource management in an all-round way. Take all effective measures to optimize institutions, increase vitality, use talents regardless of style, encourage talents fairly and impartially, build a platform to retain talents, persevere in cultivating talents, and constantly stimulate the competitive vitality of enterprise talents.

Innovation driven

Innovation is the first driving force leading the development of enterprises. Adhere to the development base point on innovation, cultivate new driving forces for development through innovation, shape more leading development that gives full play to the first mover advantage, and achieve that people have no self, people have strong self, and people are strong and excellent. Innovate core elements such as business strategy, design, process, technology, quality, internal control system and human resource management, accelerate the process of information construction, and promote the scientization and modernization of business management with information construction.

Inclusive development

"Tao follows nature", "harmony between man and nature" is integration, "symbiosis of origin and harmony" is an excellent traditional culture of the Chinese nation. Give full play to the group's advantages, strengthen team building, optimize service mode, strengthen resource integration, broaden development space, consolidate strategic partnership, build a coordinated development system between headquarters and regions, complement and share capital, talent, technology and management, form an integrated development ecology with orderly control and efficient operation, and jointly participate in market competition, Create a bright future for the enterprise.

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